Lexile and AR Reading Goals

We here at NMES push our students to Read, Read, Read! Students are given diagnostic tests at the beginning of the year to determine their beginning reading level (ex. STAR & MyOn). Once their beginning Lexile level is determined, students are challenged to obtain a Sight Words/Lexile growth goal and AR point & percentage goal by April. If students obtain their Reading Goals (Sight Words,Lexile and AR) by April they will be awarded a medal at the end of the year!

To obtain your student's Sight Word/Lexile Level and AR goals please ask your student's teacher.  You can also use the charts provided below to find out your students Sight Word/Lexile and AR point goal for the year. I have provided very brief videos to help you understand how to use the charts. There is also information on Brag Tags in the AR Point Video.

 Reading Goal Charts             Helpful Videos
  What is Lexile?
 Lexile Growth Goal Chart
K & 1 Lexile Chart Explanation 
2nd-5th Lexile Chart Explanation
AR Point & Percentage Goal Chart
K-5 AR Point Goal Chart Explanation

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